Monday, May 25, 2009

On the way to Nadias Inn

Upon reach, we hop on a van to Nadias.

The driver charges us RM18 which according to him is fixed by the government. Am not sure is true or not but from my research on the web it is suppose to be Rm15.

I'm taking shot after shot of random scenery. I can't help it.
Langkawi is seriously a very quiet and GREEN island!!! It is just so relaxing. I see mountains....sea....clear blue sky with cirrus cloud.....coconut trees everywhere.

On the way, we passed by Hotel Helang. I think it is the nearest hotel to the airport.

Fresh air and sea breeze. I wonder how long since i last went to a beach. Empty road look peaceful.....

Is this a padi field??

And what with this "Buffalo Park"?

Feeling hungry??? Feel free to drop by this "Curry Seafood Restoran" by the roadside then

Just curious.....what is the meaning of "Lapangsasar"?

By the way, as i got closer to my destination i suddenly have the instinct to sing "Rasa Sayang"......and then....all of a sudden.....i saw this....

O.O||| wu~~~

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