Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tomolo....I'm leaving PJ

Damn it!!!! I didn't expect there are so many things need to be carry along. Now i'll probably end up looking like a dumb lady....!!

I should haf brought back a larger luggage. Argghs.....

Anyone can lend me a hand please????

I'll be leaving Pj to Kampar tomolo but i feel no excitement at all. I'm 101% not willing to do so!!!! I couldn't find any reason why i should be there? Is like i'm just going there because of the rules. Simply because you are a player in the game and therefore you are bonded by the rules and regulations. You played the game, you follow the rules. God damn it!!!! I'm regretting for making the wrong choice of choosing to play this game i dont find myself enjoying at all.

I'd received my offer letter today and GOD DAMN IT!!!! Why is the course fees so expensive???? Rm5500++!!! Man!!!! Where should i get the money???? My parents definately dont haf tat much. Now how??? Quit????

Yeah~~~quit and go somewhere else. Rm5500++ is enough for me to earn a CAT certificate. What the hell i'm thinking???? I dunno and i dun wan to know. When life doesn't turn out the way you expect guess there is no point keep holding on. Let it go and find another alternative way. There is so much more other things in life which you still havent try yet. Who know it might turn out to be your flavour. Flavour of life~~~Bitter i must say....

But hanging in mid-air is not something i will do, so forget about it. I'll find a way to deal with the problem. Arggh~~~~ah~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!! I feel like jumping into a pool of cold water right now.

Bye bye PJ.....and DAMN YOU KAMPAR!!!!

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