Monday, May 25, 2009

Stupid UTAR!!!!

Today weather is extremely hot in the morning. Hot!!!! Hot!!! HOT!!!!!!!!!!

I'd just went to collect my exam result at PE. I have no transport so i walked 35minutes more from my house to PE and another 35minutes more back home from PE. The officer told me that our caution money will only be refund in either September or October. late. I need the money now. It is my money and UTAR owned me the money.

It is so so so unfair. Hey UTAR, you give fined for late payment of the course fees. The situation is the same now. How bout i give you fined for late refund huh????

By the way, mum just called yesterday and she told me my next semester course fees cost around Rm5000++. It is way too much! I'm seriously cant afford to pay the fees without loan. Rm5000++ is a big sum of money.

I had been wasting my time on nonsense this few days. Now came to think of it. I really should work hard for the assestment in June and stop wasting my precious time. If i get it, my parents need not worry bout my school fees anymore.

Anyway, thank to James Bond for borrowing me his book. Thank you.

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