Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh yes tomolo i'm going back

oh yes!!!! Cant believe i'm going back home tomolo but the things here is not yet settle. I still had to went back to the hospital to collect my X-Ray result....

I went to Station 7 Cafe for my lunch today with my fellow coursemate....came back home around 4pm and start packing my stuffs.

Gosh i still haf so many thing to bring to the way.....i really dun wan to start school so least a month rest mar~~~~~~~

The Ak competition is closing soon........really wondering weather i should post mine.....

Anyway, i'm begining to confuse. I dun wan to go to Kampar because i really cant find any reason to go there....well well.......i'm begining to question my choice oledi. Biotechnology.,., wonder what shit i'll be doing right after my degree.

Probably not something interesting and not something i'm interested to......It just no so right!!! Arghhhh....should haf went for something else............Rubbish!!!!!!

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