Tuesday, May 5, 2009

home sweet home

I love the connection at my own home sweet home ^_^ ahahahaha

Woke up around 9am today and went to the dentist. Dr.Aziz said that i'll be removing my braces soon. I guess probably two more visit and i'll be brace-free~~~I though i still had to wear the braces for 2 more years. Anyway, he said he will do something to my gum and hearing this really did sent chille down my spine. Wat? Wat r u going to do to my gum?? Operation???? NO WAY!!!

I asked him and he said "Erm...we'll see....probably by using laser."

Laser!!!! What???? Laser!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!! It'll probably cost a thousand or so!!!! Man!!!! Mum gonna kill me this time.....anyway this is not happening right now so let me just ACA!!!!! Kick the "worriness" a thousand miles away first.....Its not going to haunt me now.....i got many other things to worry and plan about.

So, i called the house owner at Kampar and he said there is still room for me. All right, is a good news. I'm banking him the house rental tomolo.

By the way, i went to mum office and everything there haf upgrade to a higher level. Nice and beautiful.


Kampar = settle
KL = settle
Langkawi = yet to settle
Ak= T_T having a career paradox

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