Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A day spent SHOPPING!!!!

Wow, cant believe i'm waking up so early today.

Been to the UM Hospital to update the nurses regarding my follow-up treatment. Collected my medicine and went to KL Central after that. So, why am i going to KL Central? For this lor.....

Alright, so i finally decided to move on 28 of May. Hopefully, i'll receive my offer letter before that day.

I ate my breakfast at Mc.D for the first time ever in my life. is even more expensive then Starbuck.

Total cost is Rm8.25 for an egg muffin, hash brown(Yummy!), and a cup of 8oz's coffee. Not quite worth it.....should have went for something else.

Jestrine arrived around 11.15am and we went to Sg.Wang after that. I dunno why but today i'm just not feeling ok. Kinda dizzy. There is nothing much to shop in Sg.Wang so Jestrine suggested for a break. She brought me to the 4th floor where we ate our lunch. Well, to be exact is her lunch not me. I just ordered a cup of Ribenna to boost up my glucose level since i'm felling light-headed today.

Jestrine is sure gonna kill me for this.

We went to the "The Face Shop" after that to get my mask. It is time to start pampering my face. The weather over here in Selangor is seriously too dry and hot. Dirty as well!!! Not a good place to live in. Unless you are someone born with good skins codes in your genes or else you'll sure gonna suffer from ances and pimples.

Hopefully it help a little....

Sg.Wang is quite boring, so we went to Times Square after that. No luck....after hours of times spent in there, nothing catch my eyes. I only brought back 2 T-shirts which i think is quite cute. Hehe.....

and this....


We went for dinner after that. I demands for this....

but ended up with a plate of Nyonya's fried rice. T_T poor me.
It cost me Rm5 for the dishes and trust me it doesn't seem like the original recipes of Nyonya dishes. Well, how i know? Because my grandma is one.

A great day spent unwisely. Now i'm thinking of getting this back.....hehehe....

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