Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 2 (Part 1)

The second day in Langkawi. I was waken up by the melody of Yi Xin's phone. The driver who is responsible for picking us up is already here and he was impatiently waiting for us at the reception counter. We got up immediately and was surprised to found out that he actually has arrived one and a half hour earlier than the scheduled time.

It's good to be early but i would have prefer them to inform us about the change. We didn't manage to have our breakfast as the driver quickly went off to his bus the moment he saw us.

Before departing, I took a last look at the restaurant, hoping that there would be a sight of our breakfasts nicely packed up for us but i'm pretty sure that this wouldn't happen although i'd paid for it. So, i'll have to start my day with an empty stomach.

No sign of any shop operating at this hour. The street is still empty and there's no sign of people.

I saw the driver name tag and decided to snap a photo of it. o~~~I'll remember you for arriving early than is necessary and caused me for not having my breakfast.

Since we are the early birds, i can pose around stupidly inside the freezing cold bus.

Yeah, the bus is freezing cold in the morning so do remember to bring along your jacket.

The bus driver went on to pick up more and more tourists staying at different hotels until 8am. I wished that i was the last one to be picked up.

Stunned by the beautiful morning view of Langkawi island....i suddenly became good to wake up early too....heh..heh...
This is what i'm looking at....

Did i mention that those tourists from China and Hong Kong are the most loudest of all? Okay, they are. All way long. The moment we arrived at the jetty it is already around 8.30am. A Chinese man assured us to follow him fast because the ship was departing soon. I was like duh!!! What's the rush? I still want to get my KFC breakfast man~~~~!

My stomach was screaming for KFC but my leg was leading me to the ship so my hands played the role it play best.

Why am i always the last one?

And finally i saw the ship....cei~~~ So small one....

To be continue

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