Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm am sick.

Haizzz....just what the heck is wrong with me.....

I'm down with fever right now and god damn it!!! I just hate this weak body of mine.

I'm off to bed now.....

Hopefully i'll be ok tomolo.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A day spent watching air accident videos~~~

1 more day and school start......Damn it!!!!

Nothing much for today, went to Tesco and brought back lotsa foods and drinks. Jestrine and James Bond both arrived today. So TE4rians are all here now....

Been watching the National Geographic documentary video about Air Accident. Air Crash Investigation.....hohoho....It is quite interesting.....Go check it out at YouTube if you wanna know more about it.

I must say the aviation field is really interesting and a pilot does hold a huge responsibility for theirs passengers life.

Ever wonder what is the last word of those pilots involved in a plane crash??? Listen it here.....and here

Henry is singing Haliluya outside now....=_=|||

Public Bank suck~~~

Today is just another boring day. I got up at 7am, for the sake of opening up a Public Bank account at UTAR. According to UTAR, the Public Bank officer will be around by 9am but instead they make us wait and wait and wait until 10am and yet not even a shadow show up.

Early bird get the worm huh???? Hell NO!!!

Instead of spending my precious time waiting for the officer, me and my friends decided to went to the Public Bank directly. We reached there by 10.30am and the moment we walked in. What we saw is a big note hanging on top of the counter with the written message "UTAR student who wish to open up an account. Kindly pls proceed to PC block room 209 in UTAR".

So, we are here because they did not show up and now they are asking us to go back. Duh~~~~!!! I decided to try my luck and asked to open up an account. The first question they asked me is "Are you UTAR student?" I answered, "NO" and he asked me for Rm250......=_=|| Okay, so i told my friend about that and they said it is okay. So, they went to the same fellas who just told me that and he asked the same question again. Just that this time my honest friends answered him that We Are UTAR student. Bla`~~bla~~~bla~~~~and what we get is a big we have to go back to UTAR again....

Henry reached right after we came out of the bank. We told him about that little pieces of information we just learnt and went for our lunch.
Kampar town is seriously small....and the main transport here seem to be this....

There are bike everywhere and i can said the residents here seem to be very skillfull at cycling. See this....

After we got our empty stomach filled, we went back to UTAR by a taxi which is old enough to be on display in the museum....

Eh uncle..too poor to fix your car huh???

By the way, Kampar has lotsa talkative taxi drivers who just wont stop talking.....They'll talk about their lifetime history....what year he is born...his child arcievement.....his experiences....and they always give you some good lecture about how you should behave as a student....You must study hard(wat??? my face look like i'm a lazy student mei~~??).....must listen to lecturer(oh ya...i really hope that i am deaf)....You must not hang out at night and dun go here and there(eh..uncle...are you trying to bring your own business down???)bla bla bla~~~

and the one i met today is even more "Geng".....He ask question!!! When he sense that you are not listening he would just turn his head and stare at you. >.< not forgetting his hands are still grabbing the steering and his feet is still laying on the pedal. Hopefully he is not practising this "skill" everyday.....i wont want to run into him one day with his feet on the right hand side of the road and his hand on the other side. So, we reached home about 1.30pm and waited for UTAR bus until 2pm. the end we still went back to UTAR. Got eveything done and we went back home for this "Bread Curry Chicken"

Everybody....dig dig dig....

Poor corpse...

By the way, tomolo is AirAsia Carnival....i hope i can be there but i is too early lar......The earliest KTM i can get is around 9am...from here to KL is about 2 hours ride. By the time i arrive, it is about 11am. Take a bus to LCCT will need about 1 and a half hours ride. So, i'll probably arrive about 12.30pm which is exactly the same time they'll annouch the simulator lucky draw winner. Haizzz.....
 I WANT TO GO!!!!!!!!!

The DSF told me that there is no way to delay the payment for my course fees to the next semester. Bad news!!! Now i can start banging my head for a clue on how to get the money..............T_T

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Damn You Kampar!!!!!

Finally, with 101% of unwillingness i arrived at the land of MOUNTAINS!!!!

On the way to Kampar, i met a girl whom turn out to be one of the senior from the same Uni as me. She share lotsa information about Kampar and the Uni to me. Mostly turn out to be bad news......i just cant imagine cycling 25minutes to the University.

Now imagine this,

Weather: Hot Sunny
Burden: Books and notes that weight nearly 3kg....
Health Condition of the cyclist: Having asthma since young.
Clothing: Black Tees and jeans

Now you can start picturing how this fellas is gonna be like after pedalling up the hills for nearly 25 minutes......

Sweats covered up the whole body. Smelly~~~Tired~~~Most probably fainted~~~skin become darker.....Fussy hairs.....and so on......

Ew~~~i swear i'm not going to become like that!!!

Okay, so i'll pick the bike...NO~~~no~~~NO~~~

Anyway, my new room is just nice....

and this lovely young lady will be my new roommates for this one whole year(different story if i...hehehehe!!!)....

So this is my new bed....

which cost.....

The line here is not very good....haizzzzz....tomolo by eight gotta went to UNI....I'm off to bed.....

I'll end this post with this photo....spotted 3 helicopters flying one after another today morning at PJ...
Wonder where they'r up to....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tomolo....I'm leaving PJ

Damn it!!!! I didn't expect there are so many things need to be carry along. Now i'll probably end up looking like a dumb lady....!!

I should haf brought back a larger luggage. Argghs.....

Anyone can lend me a hand please????

I'll be leaving Pj to Kampar tomolo but i feel no excitement at all. I'm 101% not willing to do so!!!! I couldn't find any reason why i should be there? Is like i'm just going there because of the rules. Simply because you are a player in the game and therefore you are bonded by the rules and regulations. You played the game, you follow the rules. God damn it!!!! I'm regretting for making the wrong choice of choosing to play this game i dont find myself enjoying at all.

I'd received my offer letter today and GOD DAMN IT!!!! Why is the course fees so expensive???? Rm5500++!!! Man!!!! Where should i get the money???? My parents definately dont haf tat much. Now how??? Quit????

Yeah~~~quit and go somewhere else. Rm5500++ is enough for me to earn a CAT certificate. What the hell i'm thinking???? I dunno and i dun wan to know. When life doesn't turn out the way you expect guess there is no point keep holding on. Let it go and find another alternative way. There is so much more other things in life which you still havent try yet. Who know it might turn out to be your flavour. Flavour of life~~~Bitter i must say....

But hanging in mid-air is not something i will do, so forget about it. I'll find a way to deal with the problem. Arggh~~~~ah~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!! I feel like jumping into a pool of cold water right now.

Bye bye PJ.....and DAMN YOU KAMPAR!!!!

Day 2 (Part 1)

The second day in Langkawi. I was waken up by the melody of Yi Xin's phone. The driver who is responsible for picking us up is already here and he was impatiently waiting for us at the reception counter. We got up immediately and was surprised to found out that he actually has arrived one and a half hour earlier than the scheduled time.

It's good to be early but i would have prefer them to inform us about the change. We didn't manage to have our breakfast as the driver quickly went off to his bus the moment he saw us.

Before departing, I took a last look at the restaurant, hoping that there would be a sight of our breakfasts nicely packed up for us but i'm pretty sure that this wouldn't happen although i'd paid for it. So, i'll have to start my day with an empty stomach.

No sign of any shop operating at this hour. The street is still empty and there's no sign of people.

I saw the driver name tag and decided to snap a photo of it. o~~~I'll remember you for arriving early than is necessary and caused me for not having my breakfast.

Since we are the early birds, i can pose around stupidly inside the freezing cold bus.

Yeah, the bus is freezing cold in the morning so do remember to bring along your jacket.

The bus driver went on to pick up more and more tourists staying at different hotels until 8am. I wished that i was the last one to be picked up.

Stunned by the beautiful morning view of Langkawi island....i suddenly became good to wake up early too....heh..heh...
This is what i'm looking at....

Did i mention that those tourists from China and Hong Kong are the most loudest of all? Okay, they are. All way long. The moment we arrived at the jetty it is already around 8.30am. A Chinese man assured us to follow him fast because the ship was departing soon. I was like duh!!! What's the rush? I still want to get my KFC breakfast man~~~~!

My stomach was screaming for KFC but my leg was leading me to the ship so my hands played the role it play best.

Why am i always the last one?

And finally i saw the ship....cei~~~ So small one....

To be continue

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A day spent SHOPPING!!!!

Wow, cant believe i'm waking up so early today.

Been to the UM Hospital to update the nurses regarding my follow-up treatment. Collected my medicine and went to KL Central after that. So, why am i going to KL Central? For this lor.....

Alright, so i finally decided to move on 28 of May. Hopefully, i'll receive my offer letter before that day.

I ate my breakfast at Mc.D for the first time ever in my life. is even more expensive then Starbuck.

Total cost is Rm8.25 for an egg muffin, hash brown(Yummy!), and a cup of 8oz's coffee. Not quite worth it.....should have went for something else.

Jestrine arrived around 11.15am and we went to Sg.Wang after that. I dunno why but today i'm just not feeling ok. Kinda dizzy. There is nothing much to shop in Sg.Wang so Jestrine suggested for a break. She brought me to the 4th floor where we ate our lunch. Well, to be exact is her lunch not me. I just ordered a cup of Ribenna to boost up my glucose level since i'm felling light-headed today.

Jestrine is sure gonna kill me for this.

We went to the "The Face Shop" after that to get my mask. It is time to start pampering my face. The weather over here in Selangor is seriously too dry and hot. Dirty as well!!! Not a good place to live in. Unless you are someone born with good skins codes in your genes or else you'll sure gonna suffer from ances and pimples.

Hopefully it help a little....

Sg.Wang is quite boring, so we went to Times Square after that. No luck....after hours of times spent in there, nothing catch my eyes. I only brought back 2 T-shirts which i think is quite cute. Hehe.....

and this....


We went for dinner after that. I demands for this....

but ended up with a plate of Nyonya's fried rice. T_T poor me.
It cost me Rm5 for the dishes and trust me it doesn't seem like the original recipes of Nyonya dishes. Well, how i know? Because my grandma is one.

A great day spent unwisely. Now i'm thinking of getting this back.....hehehe....

Monday, May 25, 2009

On the way to Nadias Inn

Upon reach, we hop on a van to Nadias.

The driver charges us RM18 which according to him is fixed by the government. Am not sure is true or not but from my research on the web it is suppose to be Rm15.

I'm taking shot after shot of random scenery. I can't help it.
Langkawi is seriously a very quiet and GREEN island!!! It is just so relaxing. I see mountains....sea....clear blue sky with cirrus cloud.....coconut trees everywhere.

On the way, we passed by Hotel Helang. I think it is the nearest hotel to the airport.

Fresh air and sea breeze. I wonder how long since i last went to a beach. Empty road look peaceful.....

Is this a padi field??

And what with this "Buffalo Park"?

Feeling hungry??? Feel free to drop by this "Curry Seafood Restoran" by the roadside then

Just curious.....what is the meaning of "Lapangsasar"?

By the way, as i got closer to my destination i suddenly have the instinct to sing "Rasa Sayang"......and then....all of a sudden.....i saw this....

O.O||| wu~~~

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