Tuesday, April 14, 2009

UTAR!!!! Please la!!!! Post the examination time-table earlier can mar?????

1 April 2009

I checked out UTAR portal and there is still no news on the examination time-table.
Then i checked out AirAsia web.........ticket fees to fly from KL to MIRI and the other way round is only a total of Rm114. Damn cheap....but i cannot buy because i dunno the exact date for the exam yet.

2 April 2009

Still no news on the examination time-table.
Ticket fees raised to Rm120++

3 April 2009

No news~~~
Ticket fees remain the same

4 April 2009
Still no news~~~
Ticket fees raised to Rm180++

5 April 2009

Still no news~~~~
Ticket fees raised to Rm200++

6 April 2009
Still!!!!!!!!!! the same. Not enuf staff izzit?????? FUK!!!
Ticket fees raised to Rm320++

7 April 2009

Ticket fees raised to RM380++

8 April 2009

Ticket fees raised to Rm400++

9 April 2009

Finally~~~~~the $%@^$@&@%*%&%@^@$^ UTAR posted out the examination time-table but~~~

See for yourself lar......
Please lar.........I dunno what is wrong with your examination department but one thing for suck!!!!! It is not efficient at the way....we still havent get the exam slip yet. What taking you guys so long ah?????
Please lar............why izzit so hard to come out with the examination time-table????
Oh ya...nearly forgot....took so long to work on one examination time-table yet you guy still need to change the examination date for certain subject at the last minute.
Imagine that i oledi bought the ticket.......then you guy adjusted the examination date at the last minute. Do you know how much i haf to pay for the ticket fees just to exchange the flight??????????
One last word to UTAR~~~~
UTAR KNS!!!!!!!!!

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