Saturday, April 18, 2009

To kampar~~~

Got up at 7.30am today and went to Kampar for the first time.

I met up with Henry, Rainnie, Lee Yan, and Dunno wat name guy at Henry house. 
Off we went to Asia Jaya by taxi, we met up with Bond there.

Reached to KL Central by 9am. Catch on the train by 9.30am.

Finally reached Kampar at 11.30am......

My jaw dropped 15 inches down after the first sign that came into view..........
Mountain!!!! Mountain!!!! and more MountainSsssssssss~~~~

What the heck~~~~cant believe that i'm gonna stay in this place
 for the next 3 years.....It is worst then all the places in Sarawak..................

We managed to find a house which rent for Rm750 per month 
but then the problem is we do not haf enuf ppls to cover the house rental. Haiz.......terrible......

The houses at Oxford which we seen is not really the one we will be renting. 
So it might turn out to be different from what we had seen. Haizzz....problem again

Anyway...the weather today is just as hot as yesterday......damn!!! So hot!!!!
 Make me no mood to blog oledi....

Posing with my future house mates inside the KTM on our way back to KL.

Saying bye bye to Jestrine.....

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