Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Life is a roller coster!!!!!

Just back from the campus.

Today class finished at 2pm. Stay back to discuss for drama until 4pm.

Got back home at 4.30pm. Dinner at 6pm. Before that, gotta go to Jestrine house to collect the props for drama tomolo. Night haf to work on the costume and prepare for tomolo management presentation.

The next day haf to wake up early. By 7.30am, i haf to reach school and rehearse for drama. 9.30am haf to rehearse for Management. Class started at 12pm. Presentation end at 2pm. Drama start at 2pm. End at 5pm.

Japanese class start at 4.30pm. Last until 7.30pm. Going to Kampar on this Sarturday.


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