Friday, April 24, 2009

Life aint about competition!!!!!!!

Nah~~~called urself a pianist used to be yet singing out of tune and didn't even had an idea of wat basic tempo markings mean???? Wat r u like??? Faker? or u'r just another IMBECILE.....Yeah~~~dun get what tis mean rite??? Faster go grab your dictionary and look it up......!!!! Twerp.....(or u might need to look up the meaning of tis word too....ahahahaha!!!)

I'm sorry if i upset u~~~~but there are things which need to be clarify.....know wat!!!!

I hate ppl who think that life is a competition.....its like~~~hey!!!! Wake up!!!

"Why must life be a competition?"..... I'm feeling sympathy for you right now. WHY??? B'cuz U DONT HAF A LIFE!!!!! To is always about getting ahead of others and being on the top tat gave u the steepest adrenaline rush. Fool u!!!!

Now let me elucidate something to u......"I DUN HAF THE INTENSE TO COMPETE WIF U!!!!!"

Not on the foods.....

Not on the dress i'm wearing.......

Not on what i'm good at and what u'r good at....

Not on what conception i haf toward an issue.........
(which usually just ended up rolling into a big issue eveytime we haf a discussion on a topic that doesn't even have severe consequences that will bring any huge impact to our life)

and probably the most inane of all

Not on who got their butt out of the bed first....(yeah i noe it's implausible and hilarious.......but "X" did compete on this too!!!)

Why r u taking everything so hard and decoding every single word i said in a negative point of view???? I was tired u know!!!!! Very tired!!!!! Dint you realize that all this times u r just barking up the wrong tree????

Now you tell me.....wat shud i do to please u?

Communicating with you is a tougher nut to crack simply because you are a nuts who just wont crack!!!! It is even harder than decoding the programming languages(which is alien to me!!!).

Even greeting you in the morning with 2 simple words widely uses globally......which is~~~

"Good morning"...

You would decode tis to...

equivalent to

=_= Cant you get it???? Its' just that simple...nothing masked nothing!!!! It's just plain greeting.....

and i just dun see any point to kick up a fuss for it............

I found more pleasure in doing something more worthwhile rather than playing prank with you....

One last thing~~~~~

It's okay to compete once in a while but you should pick and choose your races wisely. Bear in mind that it's all just mind games. If you don't see that, and you simply live your life as one big, endless competition, then in all likelihood, you'll simply end up living your life, according to someone else's rules. Not your own!!!!!!!!! Quite miserable isn't it???

Life is not about being the not....relax....lay back and enjoy life in a more convivial atmosphere...........???

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