Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I got a call from India....=_=....India man.....~~~

I got a call from India!!!!!!!!!! *_* My god~~~what had i done????


Can you believe it? Is India!!!! hahahahahaha.....i couldn't help laughing and shaking my head in disbelief after the call ended. I never tot that they will took it so serious......

Well, here's the conversation.
Indian Man:"Hello. Am i speaking to Gyee Jong?"

Me :"Ah....ya. I'm Miss Jong and you're~~." (Gyee...hmmp...must knew me through online)

Indian Man:"You are Miss Jong izzit?"

Me :"Ya, i am Miss Jong. You're~~~?"

Indian Man:"Okay, Miss Jong. I'm calling from India representing $#@^!^!&%&%$$^@#$" (I couldn't hear clearly what he is talking about with his Indianish accent)

Me : "India izzit?ah...heh....heh....heh" (couldn't believe my ears...what had i done?)

Indian Man:"Ya....I'm calling from India and $^%$&^@&%$&%^@&%@&% You wan to buy necklace?"

Me :"Necklace?" (At first tot, i tot it was a scam)

Indian Man:"Ya....u posted out a buying lead. You wan to buy necklace and gothic wearing right?"

Me :"Buying lead.....oh~~...yeah i did" (finally realized what this whole thing is about....)

Indian Man:"You wan to buy from any country?"

Me :"Yes, i did but i'll depend on the cost. The delivery cost and your products as well."

Indian Man:"You wan to buy from India? You will buy right? You wan to buy necklace right?"

Me :"Yes, i will buy but it'll depend on your product and the delivery cost"

Indian Man:"You wan to buy right?" =_=

Me :"................................" (h0w many times you wan me to repeat myself?)

Indian man:"You wan to buy necklace right?" =_=

Me :"Yeah...Victorian necklace."

Indian Man:"So, you wan to buy Victorian Necklace and some gothic wearing right?" =_=

Me :"Yeah. Victorian Necklace."

Indian Man:"Okay, may i haf your email address please."

Me :"Oh can send your catalogue to my email. Well, my email is"

Indian Man:"Alright. Your email address is and may i know your company name???"

Company name!!!! Cant believe he asked this question. Well, my first tot was to press the "No" button of my phone and ended this call. On second tot, i think it is not a good idea. So, while my mind was racing trying to come out with a name. My eyes spotted the magazine lying on my table. On the cover there is this two words "Golden Globe". So....

Me :"My company name is Golden Globe...." (ah...heh...heh...heh)

Indian man:"Golden Globe izzit?"

Me :"yeah....Golden Globe."

Indian man:"Alright, so i'll send you an email to your address. By the way, may i know you are ordering in large quantities or small?"

Me :"Large." (=_=v Rm100 oso dun haf......)

Indian man:"Oh, okay. I'll send you the email right now. If you haf any queries. You can call me or send me an email."

Me :"Ok. I will (Never). Thanks for calling."

Indian Man:"Thanks you. Bye bye"

Me :"Bye bye" (For sure)

My roommate was staring at me with wide eyes after i ended the call and both of us laughed out loud. I'm pretty sure that i came from the hell......

Well, a month ago i came across with the idea of selling cosplay items online. So, i posted out a buying lead at Just curious i created a background of my own.....

I'm a buyer.....bla bla bla bla bla~~~~~~

After i posted that out. My mail box started to pile up with email from seller around the globe even until today.....Some even...................

But....calling me from India............wuahahahahhahaha~~~~

is just too much....

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