Saturday, April 11, 2009

Drama semi-final~~~

Drama is interesting yet tiring.

I likes drama but i hate the preparation. There are so many things lining up waiting to be taken care off before the real show. The props, rehearsal, music, portfolio, costume and most importantly the script. SCRIPT~~~~~nah~~~luckily i'm not the one who is responsible for that. Ngek~~ngek~~ngek~~
The script is the most troublesome of all..............

Oh well, so my drama team managed to got in the semi-final. The competition was held today in PE block. We are asked to be there by 9.30am so poor me~~~~i got up from bed at 6.30am. By 8.30am, Bond picked me up with some of my drama buddies and we drove off to PE.
The times we reached PE, most of the drama competitors were oledi there. Some were very seriously practicing theirs drama while some were busy snoring their head off at a corner.

So, we headed directly to PE007 as the lecturer said our drama competition is going to be held in that room. I can see most of my frenzs are still very sleepy and unprepared. Cant blame them, cuz even me myself is not prepared and sleepy as well. We spent sometimes preparing our stuff in that room until one lecturer came over and informed that our drama competition will be held in another room. We haf no choice but to move. The second room was even smaller than the first one. Worst of all, it was located far far away from the washroom which means that we'll have limited time to change our costumes.

We are the first group to perform and i had to admit that i'm a little bit nervous today. Haha, usually i wont get nervous in front of peoples when i'm acting but today....haha~~~i just dunno why. Okay~~~so forget about it.

I'm acting as Sabrina the teenage witch in the drama. There is a scene in which Sabrina and her beloved Mr.Bean wanted to kiss and was interrupted by a beggar. timing was not good during that scene today because the beggar came out too slow. And the money was stuck in Mr.Bean pocket while i'm trying my best to pull it out for the sake of donating it to the poor beggar. Next, someone forgot to play the music. Then, i forgot to come out and curse the handsome James Bond(I always forget....kekeke~~~^___^v)

James Bond and Sau Ting. This is the part i should have came out and curse them.

Anyway, i did haf fun and i'm really thankful to my drama buddies. Because of all of you, i'm able to took part in the drama competition which is one thing i always wanted to do in my life but never able to. So, thank you guys.....really grateful.

Oh ya, nearly forget. Thanks to Rainnie for helping us switching the light on and off. Although we did not get through the final but it is a great experience. And congratulation to those who get through. I likes that Fatimah~~~hopefully they can make it to the top 3.

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