Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Drama!!! Drama!!!! Drama!!!!

I've just came back from Sau Ting house, been there for the pass few hours rehearsing on our drama. Actually we've been rehearsing the drama since today morning and to be honest it's really frustrating. Drama!!! drama!!!! Drama!!!! I skipped my lunch!!!! I skipped my dinner!!!!! Just for the sake of drama.

My roles in the drama. "Sabrina the teenage witch". 
I'm a witch but i dun feel like a witch. Why???

First. I'm a couple with Mr.Bean
(Bean that doesn't looked liked a Been =_=......Why ah? 
Can i haf someone more handsome than Bean please????)

Then. We broke up and Bean fall in love with Mandy. 
(Hey man! You are blind. I'm prettier than Mandy okay~~!)

Next. Bean married Mandy and then they have a kid name "Angela" 
(Wa~~~got kid somemore)

Meanwhile. Me(Sabrina) was jealous and decided to revenge on their children. 
(Why Angela? Why not Bean and Mandy??? Why ah???)

So. Me(Sabrina) hired a killer to kill Angela. 
(Ya~~~I'm a lousy witch which cant even killed someone by myself)


The killer falled in love with Angela (Wa~~~~banyak cinta ni~~~!!!)

In the end. Me(Sabrina) appeared out of nowhere and attemp to kill Angela
(Wa~~~finally the lousy witch gains the power to kill someone)

Me(Sabrina) failed to kill Angela and was later transform into a PIKACHIU~~~~=_="'

Pika~~~! Pika~~~!

Angela and the killer then live happily ever after.

Bravo~~~Bravo~~~~A happy ending. =_="
Anyway, hopefully eveything went right on the day we perform.

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