Monday, April 13, 2009

A day in KLCC.....

Yi Xin:"eh, wanna go to the PC Fair? I wan to buy cooler pad and printer."
Me:"Har~~~~~PC Fair ah~~~~wan die mei??? You forget how enormous the crowd is last time we went there????"
Yi Xin:"Yalo....."

Few hours later.....

Me:"Wei. I wan to go KLCC. You wanna come along???" (really thick face one~~~)
Yi Xin:"=_=......i tot you said you dont wan to go."
Me:"Got mei~~~~???" (extremely thick face person)
Yi Xin:"All right. I'll go get my cooler pad and printer then."
Me:"Great! Then i'll figure out what is the best time to be there."
Yi Xin:"Better be early."
Me:"Well then, how bout 9.30am?"
Yi Xin:"SOooooo early mei~~~"
Me:"K lo~~~then 10am....after i wash my clothes then we go."
Yi Xin:"Ok"

So, the next day we woke up around 9am in the morning and took a bus to Asia Jaya. The weather were damn hot!!!! We get in the LRT but there is no more place for us to sit so we haf to stand. Station by station the available space inside the LRT become less and less. Worst of all, the guy behind me is oledi leaning on my back(WTF!!!).

Yi Xin:"I'm begining to regret."
Me:"Ya, me too."
Yi Xin:"How many station more??? I cannot tahan the smell oledi.....Is so SMELLY!!!"
Me:"6 more and we'll be free. Just hold on."
Yi Xin:"But is so smelly......"
Me:"What lar~~~!!! You smelly only mar!!! You see this stupid guy behind me!!!! He is leaning on me oledi!!!! Somemore he is not handsome!!!"
Yi Xin:"Walao.....oledi like tis and you still haf the mood to think of handsome guy. By the way, you are facing him with your back. How you knoe he is not handsome?"
Me:"Ya, see that mirror over there??? I saw his face from many station more???"
Yi Xin:"=_="

"How many station more???" That's the question we keep repeating throughout the long journey to KLCC. The conditions inside the LRT got more worst when we reached KL Central station. Sometimes i really wonder why the Malaysian never learn how to be patient. Cant they see that there is no more room inside the LRT??? I'm not saying that all the Malaysian behave the same(at least i'm not ^^v but it'll depend =_=V) but some just....haizz.....

By the time we reached KLCC, it is oledi 10.30am. Me and Yi Xin quickly went to the convention center. There are oledi a huge crowd of peoples.

Me:"Wa......wat with all this ppls??? Squeezing with ppls so song mei????"
Yi Xin:"Yalo......but we also same mar......."
Me:"=_=" (Ya, Yi Xin i know that, thanks for reminding)

Few minutes later.....

Me:"What with this 2 Mxxxxs......walk so slow.....block my way...!"
Yi Xin:"Mxxxxs always like this de la.....they wear baju kurung mar.....of cuz walk slow de lar~~"
Me:"Aiyo~~~~really slow lar.....arghhhhh"
Yi Xin:"=_="

So, we started with Hall 1 and i bought myself a 4GB kingston pendrive, a cooler and keyboard skin.

Nah~~~stupid FISH!!!! I know you'll be reading this post. So, remember to pay me RM30!!!!!
I get you the old design because the new one is really Kanasai....

The cooler i bought.... what~~~?

I was still hunting for camera when suddenly.......i heard a big grumbling sound......

Yi Xin:"Got all your stuff oledi?"
Me:"Ya. You? Still wan to buy the cooler?"
Yi Xin:"No lo......i wan to eat...i'm so hungry." (No wonder~~)
Me:"Whaciu wan to eat?"
Yi Xin:"I dunno."
Me:"=_= ..........erm.......I wan to go for lucky draw first"
Yi Xin:"Ok....i'll wait you here. I'm tired.''

Won myself a small Kingston magnet and some games after i filled up the survey form.
The magnet.....

Game number 1.....
FREE to play~~~~The world most popular game NOW ONLINE...."Fifa Online 2"~~~~what the heck~~~=_=

Game number 2~~~
By BY2~~~wat wat online~~~~see my face in the small hole???

Game number 3......
I actually got this for free from a HOT model~~~

Game number 4......
I oso dunno what game is this.....

Normally you can get quite a lot of this sort of online games installer pack for free during PC Fair....

We left for lunch after that. No wonder her stomach is glumbling. It is oledi 4.30pm by the time we left the PC Fair. We went to BurgerKing for our lunch and i forced Yi Xin to went up to the fourth floor becuase i wanted to ............

Grab myself this!!!.....wakakakaka

It is very pretty one....i tell you~~~~Here's a peek inside the content......
Somemore the paper is very high quality one.....

It rained by the time we wanted to go back so the peoples were not that much already. We managed to chop two seat in the more idiot leaning on my back...

By the time we reached Asia Jaya, it is still raining so we decided to took a taxi home. We actually rampas the taxi from the 2 poor Ah Mo who haf been standing there earlier than us. Who ask them stupid go and stand behind us.......the taxi will always pick up those in the front line one mar~~~~Bear in mind ah~~~a small tip from me.....and i later learned from the taxi driver that the taxi will always pick up those on the left hand side first.....bear in mind this tip also...

We reached home by 7.30pm. After bath, i slept. I only woke up by today morning....that's why i'm only here blogging about my trip to KLCC today.....hehehe.....

Last but not least......
Someone popped out from behind when i try to capture a pic of mine.

Alright, i'll took one pic with you then.

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