Friday, April 10, 2009

Beware of Mad DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a story i would like to share with all of you, especially to those who are busy looking for houses in PJ now.

I quickly checked out UTAR main web when Yi Xin told me that this particular person had posted this out.......................

The information is not clear......."Medium and small room to let" at "20, SS2/97 PJ"

"Rm220 Rm350"......Eric Chan.....017-5854063

You can check it out here.

As you can see, this particular person i'm referring to is named Eric and he is trying to rent his room at his house. All right, so here's the thing i wanted to tell you. DO NOT RENT INTO THIS HOUSE!!!! Why?? Well.....i'll show you why.......

Let us begin with the main door......

I haf labeled the main door with orange label. Just click on the pic to see a clearer image.

Next, is the living room.

Can you find the TV??????

I capture this photo from the staircase. That women sitting there is the house owner mum and she is busy packaging the stock.

This is the kitchen.

Even the washing machine also..........

The back door......

They probably cleared up all the mess before they posted this out.

I still remember the first time i met the house owner. This is what he told me........

Him:"Basically there is not much rules in this house. Just keep quiet and dont disturb other housemates."
Me :"Okay"
Him:"And dont bring frenz back. I do not let other peoples to stay overnight at here."
Me :"Okay"
Him:"Remember to lock the door if you are the last one to come back home."
Me :"Okay"
Him:"You can only download after 11pm."
Me :"Okay
Him:"You can only wash your cloth after you haf collected 10 pieces of dirty clothes and above."
Me :"O~"
Him:"You are only allowed to iron 5 pieces of clothes each month."
Me :"O~~"
Him:"If you do not use your computer. You haf to switch it off."
Me :"O~~"
Him:"Electrical kettle is not allowed."
Me :"O"
Him:"You must wash your dishes."
HIm:"No loud music allowed."
Him :"There will be a new duty roster soon, you'll haf to follow."
Me :"O"
Him:"Basically these are the rules, i'll inform you if there is any more rules."

So, this is what he told me on the day i moved in but then month after month he just kept on introducing new rules(mostly after his mum came for a visit).

Everytime his mum came, new rules are being introduced into the house. Somemore, his mum is never polite. She talk to me as if i owned her a million dollar debt. Take for example, in one morning, i was the first one to woke up. As usual i came downstair to make myself a cup of hot coffee.

The kettle was not there so i went back upstair and planned to do some washing, so i brought my dirty clothes down and was busying washing my cothes when all of a sudden his mum appeared next to the bathroom door with both her hand folded at her chest.

I looked up at her all confused not knowing what she want while all of a sudden she began to scold me.......

LKP:"Why do you throw my pot away??? I am so angry already!!! I cannot tahan already!!! You all are so ridiculous and behave like a brat!!!! You all dont have parents teach one izzit??? Why ah???? Why throw my pot away????"

Me:"Sorry o~~~aunty. I seriously dunno what pot you are talking about. I never cook and i'm definately not the one who haf throwed your pot away. Maybe you should check out with the two guys upstair. They cooked yesterday, they might had seen your pot."

LKP:"I dont care!!!! You guys are so impolite!!!! You stayed in my house and you still dare to throw my stuff away!!!! You think you owned this house?????"

Me:"Erm~~~~excuse me but i think you really should check out with that 2 guys upstair(i'm busying washing....can you please stop bothering me with your stupid pot!!! Of cuz i did not say this). They might had seen your pot somewhere. I dint cook so i really dunno." (Smile)

I cant believe that i'm actually smilling to someone who is so rude to me and simply jump into conclusion without asking the rest of the housemates who might be involved. Somemore she just scolded me a brat. Anyway, i later found out that her pot was actually thrown by one of the guy who cooked yesterday just because she didn't dare to bother that guy so she had choosen me to release her anger.

Since that day onward, whenever she came to visit her son(The house owner), i'll just stay out from the house and go somewhere else. I just dun wan to see her and let her scold again with no good reason. But then, things start to heat up when one night, she came to my room and knocked on my door.

That time, i was listening to shuffle dance music with my headset on. I didn't realized that she was actually knocking on my door outside. So, you can imagine how angry she is.

By the next morning, i was running late for class. As usual i quickly get dressed and wore my bedroom slipper downstair. Before i told you what happened, i wanted to strengthen on some facts.

1. The bedroom slipper i'm wearing is the usual slipper which i had been wearing since i moved into the house(nearly 9 months)
2. There is no rules saying that i cannot wear slipper inside the house.
3. I had never wear the slipper outside.
4. My other housemates are all wearing slipper as well.

I bet you probably guess what happened. Well, back to my story, the times i came down the stair, she was there together with her husband and maid. The 3 of them stared up to me when i came downstair with my slipper on. So, the LKP is the first to broke the silent.

LKP:"Yvonne!!!!! You dont understand Chinese is it???? I told you DONT WEAR SLIPPER IN MY HOUSE!!!!!!!"

Me:"Huh????" (Since when you told me??? Can anyone tell me why i cant? Been wearing it since i first moved in and no one said cannot.....Hello???? wrong with ya nerves izzit?)

LKP:"I told you all not to wear slipper inside my house!!! Why are you still wearing??? You are a university student oledi!!!! Be shame of yourself!!!! University oledi oso dunno how to respect peoples!!!!! This is my house!!!! I got rules in my house!!!! You want to stay here, you'll haf to obey my rules!!!! Or else you leave!!!!! You study in Uni, they also got rules!!!! Bla ~~~ Bla~~~ bla~~~~"

Me:"I seriously dont get what you meant. I had been wearing this slipper for so long and everyone else are wearing as well. Somemore there is no rule saying that i cannot wear slipper. By the way, why am i always the one you are scolding????"

LKP:"I wont scold you only!!!! The others also i will scold later!!!! You!!!! Your baba mama dint teach you to respect the eldest one izzit??? How dare you talk to me like this? You always wear slipper in my house and make my house dirty. You peoples also never sweep the floor. Never switch off the light. I tahan you guys so long oledi!!!! You peoples~~~bla~~~bla~~bla~~~~"

Me:"..............." (shaking my head)

I'm really not that kind of person who likes to quarrel with peoples especially on a morning. So i just kept quiet and assuming her as the annoying bugs. So she goes on with her speech bout this and that while i'm busying putting on my REAL shoes, preparing to go out.

Then, unexpectedly, her husband opened his golden mouth and scolded me. I sweared this is the first time he actually spoke to me and the first time he spoke to me is something so rude that i'll remember him forever or should i said shouted at me?

Him:"I had never seen someone so rude before!!! You are reaaaaaallllllllllllyyyyyyyyy a spoiled brat!!!! How dare you respond to both of us in this way???? Go and learn some respect la!!!!!!!!!!! Your parents dint teach you izzit???? So impolite!!!! Study until university and you are still behaving this way!!! You dint learn Moral izzit??????"

Me:".................." (I'm speechless. Ello~~~sir~~~ who is impolite and rude now???)

That time, i just annoyed both of them and went to Uni.

Seriously, i dun get what the heck i had done to make them so angry. It's just a pair of slipper!!The times they were scolding, i just kept quiet and didn't speak out. I think this is not the best time to talk so i just let them continues their speeches.

They never told me that slipper is not allowed in the house and then they just started scolding me early in the morning. Their voices are loud enough to be heard even 5-6 houses away from theirs. Somemore they were rude enough to scold even both of my parents. If i'm someone else, i think a quarrel might haf started or maybe a fight.

So after that morning incidents, i came back home worrying that this 2 uncle and aunty will still be in the house waiting for another round of marathon speeches. To my surprised, they had left to Penang. Is a good news to me.

I still remember that i had a Chemistry report to work on that night. While i was doing the report, suddenly one of my housemates(now is ex-housemate oledi)came knocking on my door and told me that Eric(the house owner) wanted to hold a meeting right now.

Of course, as expected the meeting was hold and more rules were being introduced.(Biasa lah~~~everytime his mum came, sure banyak pasal one~~~)

One of the rules......."No slipper allowed!!!!"

I asked him WHY right away and his answer to me is,"There is no why, you stay here, this is my rule, you just follow."

Rules, rules, rules, rules~~~

Okay, since it is a meeting, i'll just said what i wanted to said.....

Me:"I cannot agree to your new rule. My skin is very sensitive. Your house is such a mess. There are so many dirts on the floor, it will ruin my skin."
Him:"This is not a good reason."
Me:"I'm not asking for an exemption to your new rules!! I'm making a statement that i do not agree with your new rules. Your mum~~~~" (Before i can finish my sentences, i was cut off by Eric)
Him:"Eh~~eh~~~what is passed....haf passed...we dont talk about the pass, we talk about the future."(Smile)
Me:"Whatever.......your mum~~~"
Him:"Eh~~~eh~~~let's not talk about the pass. Remember."(Smile again)
Me:"I am not okay with your rule and tat is."

I still remember Brian speak up for us saying that it is not us who make his house dirty. It was him is true~~~you can see for youselves, with all those stocks around, it is possible for the house to kept clean and shinny?

They kept stocks in the house and they even packaged theirs stocks in the house. They burnt plastic inside the house(You can imagine them doing this early in the morning on every Sarturday). They generate smoke and heat inside the house. They thrown rubbish(plastic wrappers) everywhere on the floor(they used plastic wrapper for packaging). There is no place to walk and seriously there are no ideal places for studying inside that house.

Most importantly they kept "Mad dog" and "Bull dog" as pet in the house.

Ah~~~here's a peek at the look of one of the Mad dog~~~~

Proudly present to you the "LKP"......

Beware~~~!!! Or else It'll bite!!!!!

Seriously, she had done more than what i had just written. I'll came out with Beware of Mad DOG!!!!! 2 when i got the time.

Before that, i really think that UTAR should stop helping him on renting his house out.

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