Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Beggar costume~~~

Haha!!! I'm finally done with the beggar clothing!!!!!!!!!

Well, here's my design. The front part~~~

The back~~~~
Ya...ya...I know my butt is big. I'm working on it, so please stop staring at my butt. =_=

Here's how i transform the plain boring Carlsberg T-shirt into a beggar shirt(Ho~~ho~~ho~~).

First. You sew~~~~

Then, you cut it into any design you want. Seriously. Do not hesitate.....just cut!!!!

Lastly, use any thing to make it dirty. In my case, I sacrified my brown color mascara
 bought from The Body Shop. Hehe~~~

The final product~~~~tada~~~!!!

I got the pant to pair with it somemore.

So, this is it. Gotta work on my management presentation.

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