Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Be a Chipster Superstar Contest!!

Oh well, this site haf been quiet for a few days edi.....Time to update.... what should i talk about???

o.O it...!!!
So, i joined this contest yesterday and they haf posted my video out today. Yeah~~!!!

I crossed the rest of the contestant out because I HATE THEM~~~!!! Wuahahahaa~~~~

Now you might be asking why i hate them???? Well, one simple fact.....they reduces my chance to win this contest......=_=V so i hate them!!

By the way, the winner for this contest stand a chance to appear on TV3!!!

Nah~~~~~appear on TV =_=v~~~is not my cup of tea.....i'll would rather be winning myself the consolation price....which is the Ipod......hehe~~~~

The Prizes~~~

Nah~~~i wonder why they gif different prizes to the Malaysian and Singaporean........
By the way, the voting began on 9 June 2009.......remember to vote for me ah~~`but not too much lah~~~i dun wan the grand prize!!!

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