Tuesday, July 19, 2016

To-DO List

I remember being forced to came out with a To-Do List
of what you want to archive with your life
during my time in national service.

And here's what i had wrote.

  1.  Publish a book
  2.  Travel to Eygpt and Japan
  3.  Learn a new language 
  4.  Learn to play an instrument
  5.  Move out
  6.  Become a basketball MVP player
  7.  Write a song
  8.  Find a cure for cancer
  9.  Study medicine
  10.  Travel the world and help peoples.

I was 18 years old.

10 years later. 
  1. Write a screenplay for short movie.
  2. Register my own sole proprietor and sell shoes & accessories.
  3. Buy 2  house.
  4. JLPT Level 3 test.
  5. Master the flute.
  6. Master the violin.
  7. Move closer to my parents.
  8. Stay fit and not more than 55kg.
  9. Write a song with lyrics
  10. Learn Chinese Medicine.
  11. Join an international volunteering program.
  12. Get my diving license.
  13. Join a research programme (Biodiversity).
  14. Bring mum and dad to Beijing, China.
  15. Open my own store.
  16. Laugh more
  17. Think more
  18. Less worry
  19. Retire at age 60. 
  20. The best is still unwritten.....~~~~~

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Jokes at work today

One customer walked into the store.
She got very excited upon seeing the new price for the T-shirt she had been eyeing on 
and she goes like

"Oh my god! Is this selling at Rm29.90 now?"

"Oh, i love it, i would like to get it."

"You know, i already have one, and i still want to get another one."

"Your price here is like stock market ar~~~, the price goes up and down so fast one~!"

Well, i couldn't agree more.

Then, while clearing some stock out for display.
I asked one of the staff to quickly hang out the items for displaying purpose.
And the conversation goes like,

Me: "Fadil, please paste all the new price sticker and i'll help you to hang it out later."

Few minutes later, Fadil was paging me on the walkie.

Fadil: "Yvonne, i already done pasting the sticker and all the item i already hang it out."

Me: "Wow, great. So you already hang yourself, and you don't need my help anymore. That's great. Thank you."

Well, there's goes a great laugh.


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